Foam Roof Repair

Foam Roofing Service

When you need reliable, professional foam roof repair, our team is ready to help.

Foam roofing systems are a durable, long-lasting system that can protect your structure from multiple hazards. However, when your foam roof needs repairs, it can deplete its effectiveness and weaken its durability. When you notice your spray foam roof needing repair, call us immediately at (682) 730-8430 to schedule your foam roof repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Common Damages

With foam roofs, most damages are fairly easy to spot. Because of the thickness of the foam layer, a cut or puncture will very rarely go completely through the material. Therefore, cracks and divots are what will appear. These can be caused by falling debris, major storms, pests, and rodents, or even large hail. While the immediate structure of the roofing material is still sound in most cases, repairs should be made to ensure no further damage or penetration is incurred. Another, more uncommon problem happens when adhesion is lost through faulty installation or major damage to the home including attic damage, fire, or major flooding of the area. These problems should be addressed quickly to minimize damages.

The Repair Process

Most foam roof repairs require an experienced professional due to the specialized dual hose system needed for the foam’s onsite mixing technique. A certified roofing expert can perform your repairs and leave a smooth flush finish for a sleek, uniform look. Our roofers perform a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system and discuss the damages with you. We will clean, dry, and prep your roof before applying the foam compound. Once the foam has set, our team will apply a high-quality top coat to ensure ultimate durability and resistance. In just a few hours, your roof is set and back to optimal durability. Call the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Insulation, located in Weatherford, TX, when you need foam roof repair.

When you experience problems with your foam roof system, our experts can help. We perform a comprehensive inspection of your roof and discuss your damages and repair options with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have a 90% success rate on first-time repairs, and we work diligently to provide perfection every time. When you need foam roof repair around Fort Worth, TX, no other team provides better service. Call (682) 730-8430 to schedule your appointment today.