Flat Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

Get your flat roof back to great with flat roof coatings.

While flat roofing systems are the most dependable, over time they can begin to show signs of wear and tear or become damaged. When this happens, there’s usually a better option than complete roof replacement. In many cases, our expert flat roofing team can restore your roof to its original condition using flat roof coatings. These applications can completely seal your flat roof, increasing its longevity, UV resistance, and protection from the elements. If you would like to know more about the benefits of flat roof coatings in Fort Worth, TX, or if you would like to schedule a roof evaluation, call our experts at (682) 730-8430.

Top Reasons for Flat Roof Restoration

In most cases, the flat roofing systems that are used today are durable and extremely energy efficient. However, as time goes by, they can begin to wear. For instance, EPDM roofs, while incredible durable, can shrink from weathering over time, causing leaks throughout the roof. Most flat roofing systems begin to have seam, chimney and flashing separation over time that can be very costly to repair. The can also suffer fast wear and puncture damage from foot traffic and tool and equipment drops. The insulation located underneath your roofing system becomes susceptible to moisture and water, and cannot be dried without replacement, leading to problems like mildew, mold, and even rot in structural components.|Flat roofing systems that are used today are known for being extremely durable and, in most cases, UV, water, and weather resistant. However, over time your flat roof can begin to lose strength from problems like debris collision, seam and flashing separation, and extreme weather. When roofing problems go unnoticed or unrepaired, insulation can get wet which can lead to mold, mildew, and rot in your structural system.

Restorative Foam Coating

Unlike traditional flat roof repair, foam coating restoration can offer a low-cost, complete reseal of your roof in one application for both. The foam expands as it sets to offer unbeatable protection against weather, as well as offering Energy Star rated resistance from UV rays. These coatings are completely watertight, even against chimneys and over seals, and can handle large amounts of regular foot traffic when applied correctly by a professional flat roofing team. Then, the topcoat, which can be made of acrylic, elastomeric polymer, silicone, or polyurea, creates the ultimate protective barrier for your foam roof.

Our roofing experts will evaluate your roof and deliver all of your restoration options, including material benefits, cost, and lifespan, to ensure you are satisfied with your finished product. Our flat roofing team is trained and experienced to repair and restore all types of flat roofing systems and can complete your project quickly and reliably, to get you back to business. When you’re considering the use of flat roof coatings on your Fort Worth, TX roof, call our experts at (682) 730-8430 to set up your evaluation and consultation.