Roof Restoration in Fort Worth, TX

Your roof is the cornerstone of protection for your home. When it begins to weaken, you may think your only option is a roof replacement. However, in Fort Worth, TX, roof restoration can be as if not more effective and can cost a fraction of a full replacement. When your roof needs serious work, call (682) 730-8430, Advanced Roofing and Insulation to discuss your roof restoration options and schedule a roof evaluation.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

Foam Room Service

When your roof has seen better days, consider a foam roof to bring it back to life.

Roof replacements can be extremely costly after removal of your old system, preparation, and installation of the new roof. When you opt for roof restoration, our professionals simply clean and dry your roof before covering it with foam roofing material to completely seal and leaks or cracks, and to reinforce your roof’s strength and composure. Roof restoration will reoptimize your roof’s resistance to extreme weather and rain, falling debris, and UV rays. In fact, ENERGY STAR certified foam roofs are proven to reduce your energy consumption, lowering your energy bill substantially. Foam roofs also offer complete seam sealing and uniform coverage that creates a smooth, sleek look without seams.

How is Roof Restoration Done?

Our roofing experts will begin the process by performing a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system and its components. Our professionals will then discuss your options with you, detailing product benefits, costs, and lifespan, as well as installation times and requirements. We will walk you through every decision to ensure you are getting the perfect product for your home’s needs. We will deliver options that fit every budget and give thorough explanations of maintenance requirements and upkeep. That way you always know just what to expect with your new roofing system.

Foam Roof Application

Our experts will ensure a watertight seal and unparalleled protection against the elements.

The foam roofing is comprised of two separate materials that are mixed as the roof is applied and sets within just a few minutes. The closed-cell construction of the foam allows for complete sealing and waterproofing when it hardens, sealing cracks and separations within your roof, flashing, and chimney line. A topcoat is then applied to ensure its strength and protection. Once this completely sets, your new roof is complete and can be treated normally.

Roof restoration can be an inexpensive realistic way to bring new life to your home’s roof. If you would like to know more about how roof coating in Fort Worth, TX can benefit you, or to schedule your roof assessment, call our experts at (682) 730-8430. We can help get your roof back to perfect.

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