Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic Coating

For flawless roof restoration using acrylic roof coating, call our experts at (682) 803-0202.

If your roof is beginning to look shabby and is needing repairs more often, you may benefit from a roof restoration. With our roof restoration solutions such as acrylic coating, your roof can be restored to its original strength. To learn more about how roof restoration can bring your roof back to life, or to find out more about the benefits of acrylic roof coating in Fort Worth, TX, call our professionals at (682) 730-8430.

The Benefits of an Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic is one of the oldest and most affordable composition styles of roof coating and provides all the benefits of other elastomeric coating choices, such as high UV protection and energy reduction, a seamless, uniform appearance, and extended savings from the lack of a re-roof. However, acrylic roof coating offers many of its own benefits as well. Acrylic coatings are water-based, which mean easier cleanup and fewer chemicals on your home. These systems work great on pitched roofs and are water and weather resistant. Your acrylic coating is also tintable, so it can be customized to any color you can imagine, creating an entirely unique, one of a kind look for your home.

Your Acrylic Roof Coating Application

Our experts will begin your roofing project with a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system. We will discuss any weak spots, damages, or worn areas with you, as well as discussing all of your restoration and coating options to ensure you are able to choose the best product for your home. Will clean, dry, and ready your roof’s surface and evaluate current weather conditions for a perfect, full adhesion to your roof. Our professional roofers will apply your acrylic roof coating and top coat with precision and care to ensure a smooth, uniform finish that offers ultimate protection for your roof and structure.

When you are considering roof restoration, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation in Weatherford, TX to discuss acrylic roof coating, as well as your other elastomeric and foam roof options. For impeccable service and care with the application of your acrylic roof coating throughout Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding area, call our roofing professionals at (682) 730-8430 to schedule your roof assessment.