Roof Coating in Fort Worth, TX

Roof Coating Service

Our professionals will apply your roof coating carefully and precisely to ensure a rich, smooth look.

Over time, your roof will undoubtedly begin to show signs of wear and tear and may begin to weaken or deteriorate. When this happens, most turn to re-roofing as the only option. However, roof coatings are a viable, less expensive solution to roof damage and deterioration, and can extend the life of your roof by years. If you would like to know more about your options in restorative roof coating around Fort Worth, TX, call our roofing experts at (682) 730-8430 to schedule your roofing assessment.


Benefits of a Roof Coating

Our highly effective and ENERGY STAR rated roof coatings are available in acrylic, silicone, and polyurea blends, and offer exceptional protection against weather, UV Rays, and falling debris. When paired with a foam roof underlay, the protective qualities become unequivocal. Find out more about the benefits of roof coatings for your type of roof:

  • Rubber Roof Coating Roof coatings can strengthen and improve rubber roofing materials so that they last longer.
  • Single Ply Flat Roof Coating Coating Prevent leaks and tears in your flat roof with a professionally applied roof coating!
  • Industrial Roof Coating Industrial roofs can be subjected to a lot more wear and tear compared to other roofs. A coating can add to the durability of your roof to deter damage.
  • Metal Roof Coating You can further improve the strength of a metal roof with a coating to prevent water damage and wear and tear!

Energy Saving

Our elastomeric roof coatings are ENERGY STAR certified, meaning they carry the required rating for energy efficiency to meet the standards of the government-backed organization. Because of these roof coatings’ highly reflective surfaces, your energy bill could go down exponentially, depending on the weather in your local area.


Whether as a stand-alone solution or as an overlay for a foam roof, your roof coating can provide immense protection from extreme weather, hail, high winds, rot, mildew, and even pests. Your roof coating can extend the life of your roof by providing protection and reinforcement that doesn’t just cover your current roofing system but enhances it.


Our roofing experts apply your roof coating carefully and meticulously to ensure a smooth, uniform look throughout your roof. Some roof coatings can even be tinted or colored to provide the exact unique look you want for your roofing system.


Your roof coating can potentially pay for itself through energy savings and government incentives. Because this roofing material is ENERGY STAR certified, you could be eligible for a tax incentive on your income taxes. Some energy companies also offer discounts for energy efficient products. These discounts vary greatly by location, so check with your local energy provider for current cool roof and energy efficiency discounts. With such energy savings, it’s also possible that you will be able to downgrade your air conditioning system to provide even more savings on your energy costs. With the incredible durability and resistance of roof coatings, your roof repair and maintenance cost will also decrease substantially.

If you are considering a roof coating in Fort Worth, TX, our experts are here to help. We will deliver useful, accurate information about product benefits, costs, and lifespan to ensure you get the finished product you’re looking for. We will work with you to offer options that maximize your roof’s durability and efficiency within almost any budget and timeframe. When you are looking for reliable, knowledgeable roofing services, call the experts at Advanced Roofing, located in Weatherford, TX, at (682) 730-8430 to schedule your roof coating consultation today.