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How Cool Roofs Save You Tons of Money

cool roof on commercial building

Watch Your Energy Bills Decrease With A Reflective Cool Roof

Are your electricity bills astronomical? So you have a flat roof? Then you could benefit from the advantages of getting a cool roof installed! Commonly used in hot climates like Arizona and Texas, cool roofs withstand high heat while still being able to cool down your building and the people inside it. More often seen on commercial roofs, if you are a homeowner and have a flat roof, then you too can reap the benefits of a cool roof. Getting cool roof installation can dramatically reduce the need for central heating repair in Fort Worth, TX.

While most often applied as a single ply membrane and therefore needing a flat roofing base, there are some cool roof coatings available that are thinner and can be applied over existing roofs for about a fraction of the reflectivity. In fact, Advanced Roofing and Insulation offer cool roof coating in Fort Worth, TX. We also provide standard cool roofs installation and repair services to both commercial and residential roofs in the Weatherford, TX area. Call us today at (682) 730-8430 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of a Cool Roof

  • Highly reflective, so sunlight is not absorbed through the roof. This means that your building stays cooler.
  • Since your building stays cooler, your HVAC units don’t have to work so hard to cool the entire space, so your energy bills are lowered.
  • Cool roof coatings can be reapplied on top of each other to minimize roof replacement landfill waste.
  • Cool roofs are extremely affordable.
  • Cool roofs are quick to install and are noiseless, so installation won’t disrupt your day or business.

Have You Thought About a Roof Restoration?



Consider a Roof Restoration On Your Commercial Roof.

Anytime you have to have your roof messed with, it can be a stressful process. If you think it is probably time to have your roof replaced, maybe consider not having it replaced, but getting a Fate, TX roof restoration. Restorations are something that many people never think about because they don’t think it is an option. The truth is that if you need a roof replacement on your commercial roof, you can probably have a roof restoration as well. Making sure your commercial building is taken care of is important, things like water heater repair and basic inspections are things that should be taken care of regularly. The key to keeping your building lasting as long as possible is to make sure it is always well taken care of.

Benefits Of a Roof Restoration

Cheaper – When you don’t have to buy all the pieces of a new roof and pay to take off the old one, it is much cheaper to do it this way.

Fast – The process of a restoration is usually pretty quick and is easier to get done in a timely manner.

More economical – There is no waste happening with a restoration because the roof is being reused, it just has to be restored in order to use it better.

When you want to talk about roof restorations here in Weatherford, TX, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430 and we will be more than happy to help you.

How Do You Clean a Foam Roof?

How Do You Clean a Foam Roof?

How Do You Clean a Foam Roof? Find Out If Power Washing or Pressure Washing is the Best Method.

If you have a foam roof on your commercial property, cleaning it should be relatively easy. Every few months it is a great idea to get up on your foam roof and clean it. This is especially true when your city has been affected by a severe storm. While most of the cleaning you can do on your own, sometimes it is necessary to call a professional. For instance, cleaning your commercial roof of moss, branches, limbs, leaves, and nests from insects and animals is something that you can easily do. Getting the whole foam roof clean, however, will require the assistance of a professional. One of the best ways to clean a foam roof is with power washing. If your foam roof needs power washing in Weatherford, TX, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430!

Power Washing Vs. Pressure Washing

Knowing the difference between power and pressure washing will help you make a more educated decision when looking for foam roof cleaning. A lot of times people get power and pressure washing confused. While they both use pressure to clean roofing and other areas of a property, there is a difference between the two methods. Power washing uses pressurized water that has been heated, whereas pressure washing is performed with water that is a regular temperature. Both of them are able to remove moss, algae, dirt, and other contaminants, using pressurized hot water makes it a lot easier to remove debris and contaminants from the roof. Really it all depends on preference, but if you are unsure if you need pressure or power washing for your Weatherford, TX commercial roof, contact one of our roofers.

Is It OK To Pressure Wash a Roof?

While power washing uses pressurized hot water to clean a roof, pressure washing uses normal temperature water to clean the roof. Because of this, the pressure used for a pressure washer can be increased. Instead of relying on hot water, the pressure of the water forces the water out faster and stronger, so it can remove grime, moss, and debris more effectively. Depending on what type of roof that a commercial property has is going to depend on whether pressure washing is okay. Typically, pressure washing will be used on exterior surfaces because they are harder and require more force to clean them. To learn more about pressure and power washing for your Weatherford, TX roof, call us!

Power Washing Services And More

If you are looking for high-quality power washing in Weatherford, TX at an affordable cost, please contact Advanced Roofing and Insulation! We are able to provide exceptional roof washing services for foam roofing, as well as repairs, installations, and more. To schedule an appointment for this type of service, give us a call at (682) 730-8430!

The Process Of a Roof Restoration

Have you been thinking that it might be time to get a new roof put on your commercial building? What seems to be wrong with it? Maybe it is old, falling apart, or has been through some intense weather. Either way, it is important that before you assume that you need to get a whole new roof, that you consider the option of a roof restoration.

What Is a Roof Restoration?

A roof restoration is something that takes the roof that you already have and makes it essentially new again. Typically, the roof that you already have, is power washed and stripped of any loose or broken pieces, and then the new roofing is them placed over the top. This is where roof coatings and single ply or spray foam working will work great. You don’t have to remove any roof, just take what is there and put something new over the top of it and bringing it back to life.

Why Do This?

The reason you may want to consider this is that a roof restoration not only leaves your roof in great and new-seeming shape, but it also is much cheaper than getting an entirely new roof. There is less clean up and take away from this process, meaning that it is better for the environment and will not be contributing to a landfill either.

If you would like more information on roof restorations, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430 and let us give you all of the details.

What Exactly Is a Roof Coating?


We often hear about adding roof coatings to your business and how much they can benefit you, but do you actually know what a roof coating is or what it does? A roof coating is something that is usually put on flat roofs or metal roofing to help keep it protected and lasting as long as possible. Inside of its makeup, it has elastic properties that are stretchy and can change shape without causing damage. A roof coating is in liquid form and can be put into a roof using a roller or a spraying machine. It will then adhere to the roof and actually become the first layer of the roof itself. This helps to protect from many things. On metal roofing, it will protect from things like zinc and rust. It actually adds years of life onto your roof that you wouldn’t normally get without it. On other flat roofing, water can begin to add up over time and cause damage to the roofing material, but if you put a roof coating on it, it will be able to protect from water damage, mold, and bubbling up of the roof. There are several different kinds of roof coatings that you can choose from as well and all will do something slightly different, but they will also be able to make sure that your roof is protected.


Acrylic Coating – Acrylic is water based and is great because it is cost effective and great for many different types of weather.

Silicone – This is a great option because it creates a moisture barrier that just gets stronger.

Polyurethane – This is a top choice because it is one of the strongest out there and can handle impact and weather very well.

These are just a few different choices that you can pick from, but if you need a professional option, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430.

5 Advantages of Roof Coatings for Foam Roofs

To keep your foam roof lasting as long as possible, roof coatings help to provide an extra layer of protection. Here are some benefits of roof coatings and why they work so well with foam roofs.

A Roof Coating Is A Great Way To Extend Your Foam Roof’s Life


Since roof coatings are liquid, they can be applied directly over roofing systems, and can continue to be reapplied on top of each layer of coating whenever you get a new coating, which is recommended every 10 years.


Since roof coatings are a liquid, that means it is seamless when dried, leaving no space for cracks or holes. This makes it to where it can withstand hail, UV rays, and wind. They are also waterproof.

Energy Efficient

Roof coatings are highly reflective, which means they are great at blocking the sun’s powerful and harmful UV rays from penetrating and damaging the foam roof. Since the coating reflects the sun, it also cools the building, lowering energy bills.

Low Maintenance

Since the coating is applied directly on top of the already-installed roof, there is no re-installation or repairs needed from tearing up the roof. Simply slather on the roof coating, let it dry, and it begins its work.

Low Cost

Because roof coatings are so much cheaper than an entire roofing system (one bucket of coating costs $100 while a whole roof replacement costs $1700), it is easy and cheap to re-apply coatings when the time comes every decade.

If you are interested in getting a roof coating on top of your foam roof in Weatherford, TX, contact Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430 today.

3 Benefits of a Cool Roof

Roofers Created a Cool Roof

A Reflective Roof Coating Can Save You Money on More than Just Your Energy Bills.

If you are looking for a way to save money on your energy bills, you might not be thinking about coating or upgrading your roofing materials. There is a type of roofing material that is designed to reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun away from your building rather than absorbing them into the roofing material, which can increase the energy efficiency of your building. If you would like more information about how to turn your roof into a cool roof, contact the staff at Advanced Roofing and Insulation.

Why Choose a Cool Roof?

In addition to the energy savings, there are many reasons to consider transforming your roof into a cool roof. Here are three popular advantages you can expect from a reflective roof.

Lower the Internal Temperature
By reflecting rather than absorbing the UV rays of the sun, a cool roof lowers the amount of heat energy being passed into the building. This will naturally lower the internal temperature of your building.

Saving Money
Since a cool roof makes the natural temperature of your building cooler, it lessens the load on your cooling systems. This means that you will spend less money cooling your building, but also less money for air conditioner repair and maintenance.

Longer-Lasting Roofing Materials
Heat energy from the sun can have a devastating effect on your roofing materials. The reflective properties of your cool roof prevent the UV rays from harming your roof and can save you a lot of money on roof repairs and replacement.

If you are interested in getting a cool roof for your home or business, contact our staff at (682) 730-8430. We can help you choose the right roofing material to transform your current roof into one that will save you mevery dayryday.

Polyurea vs Silicone Roof Coatings

Are you interested in protecting your home with a roof coating? Two of the most popular options are silicone and polyurea. Today we will go over the basics of each variety, so you can get a better understanding of which one might be right for your need! If you’d like to learn more, give us a call today at (682) 730-8430!

Silicone Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings

Can Your Roof Benefit From A Roof Coating.

Silicone coatings last 10 to 15 years, and are very easy to apply. They can deal with anything storms and nature can heave its way. Reflect UV rays away from your property with UV resistance when this layer is administered directly to your roofing. Silicone roofing combats sun exposure and maintains its original color, unlike other coatings that chalk and discolor with exposure.

Dealing with water damage and ponding are typical issues of many roofing systems, but silicone is highly water resistant. Your roofing materials remain at their best and are even shielded from mold and mildew growth.

Polyurea Roof Coatings

There are many diverse roof coatings available for installation on roofing systems, but none of them are as adaptable and protective as polyurea roof coatings. Because of its simple-to-apply nature, polyurea roof coatings adhere to wood, metal and even concrete, making it an available roof coating option for many different roofs. It supplies you with durable protection for your roofing system and can hold off standing water damage. You’ll never need to worry about stormy weather rescheduling when you decide to install this coating as its water resistance supplies it with an extended window for installation.

Water resistance is only one of the many advantages that polyurea roof coatings can supply roofs. Chemicals and environmental threats are eliminated by this quality coating. Polyurea roof coatings are truly versatile and can be infused to include even more advantages for your property. One of the more popular advantages is that polyurea can be infused to provide is UV resistance. This means your polyurea roof coatings can deflect UV rays from your building, giving your roof additional energy efficient aspects.

Maintain Foam Roofing with These Tips

Do you have a foam roof? If so, you probably already know that foam roofing can be a very beneficial type of roofing. It offers protection from moisture and the sun, and is generally low maintenance. Of course, it still helps if you take steps to maintain foam roofing over time. Follow a couple of basic tips for keeping your roof strong throughout the year.

Be Consistent with Roof Inspections

While everyone should have their roof inspected once per year, that may not always be enough. Doing so every season is even better. The most diligent owners check the roof often enough to be aware of how any season may have affected the roof. Something can happen to your roof very suddenly, and at any time. Be prepared by checking your roof every season.

Keep the Roof Clean

Man Cleaning Roof

Maintain Foam Roofing with These Tips

It’s normal to have a very small amount of debris on your roof. However, you should make cleaning your roof a habit. Don’t let leaves, or anything else build up. Use a roof rake and rinse your roof regularly. When you do this, you can monitor your roof for changes and problems, too. You’re even more likely to avoid major roof repairs by noticing issues before they become expensive problems.

All this helps keep you maintain foam roofing throughout the year. You are more likely to catch problems before they really start and get the help you need. When you need roofing services in Fort Worth, TX, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430.

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Roofing System

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Roofing System

Find Out The Benefits of Power Washing Your Roof.

When we think of roof maintenance, we usually imagine a roofer getting up on the roof inspecting different areas. While this is true. washing the roof is also considered a part of roof maintenance. One of the best ways to clean your roofing is with power washing. But why is it so great? Below are the benefits of power washing your roof.

Extend the Lifespan

It might not seem like a good power wash could help extend the life of your roofing, but it really does! With regular washing or at least annual washing, property owners can have a better, more long-lasting roof just by scheduling a power wash service.

Makes It Look Good

One of the most common benefits of a power wash for your roof is making it look good! A roof that has dirt and debris doesn’t look very good, but with a good power washing, it can look good as new!

Prevent Roof Decay

When a roof is left without any roof maintenance, including washing, it can form dark spots on it. These dark spots are caused by moss and algae. When they are left to grow they can cause rot or decay on the roof. A good power wash can prevent this from happening.

Save On Energy Bills

A roof that is covered with dark spots and is dirty can’t be good for UV protection. With a cleaner roof, it will be able to deflect any UVs off the roof, which can make for better energy savings.

For Power Washing in Fort Worth, call Advanced Roofing and Insulation at (682) 730-8430 today.