Foam Roofing in Newark, TX

Spray Foam Roof

Foam roofs will complete seal your roofing system, providing unbeatable protection.

All types of roofing systems will start to show signs of wear over time. When your roof begins to appear frazzled and worn, roof replacement is not the only solution. Roof coating and foam roofing can get your roof back to its original protective strength and and durability, and deliver a sleek new look. Contact (682) 803-0202 to find out more about your restoration options with roof coating and foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX.<

Roofing Restoration

Foam roofs are composed of isocyanate and polyol that is mixed at the site of application and cures almost immediately. Urethane foam roofs are ideal for resisting extreme weather, and have incredibly high energy efficiency, which will lower your energy costs. It also delivers unequivocal resistance to seam and flashing separation, and chimney and vent pulls. Urethane foam roofs coat your entire roof including seams to offer a sleek, uniform look.

Urethane Foam Roof Installation and Repair

Foam InstallationSpray foam, or SPF roofing, can be applied as a lone roofing solution or a replacement option, and can last up to 50 years. Foam roofing is close-celled when cured, and is very difficult to slice or puncture all the way through, even with falling tools or debris collision. The complete adhesion to the underlayment and no need for insulation make it a great roofing solution for humid environments that can host mildew and mold, leading to rot. Call (682) 803-0202to find out more about the benefits of a urethane foam roof in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Foam Roof Installation Discover why Advanced Roofing and Insulation is a top foam roof installation company, and learn what makes this roofing material solution is considered to be a top choice roofing solution.
  • Foam Roof Repair Find out how easy and quick your foam roof roof repairs can be when they’re done by our certified roofers.

Restorative Roof Coating

Roof coatings are offered in multiple types such as acrylic, polyurea, and silicone, and offer extensive cost effective and protective benefits. Roof coatings are known for resisting water pooling and extreme weather, and carry an ENERGY STAR certification for energy usage. Some roof coatings are even tintable for a completely customized look without decreasing energy efficiency.

To restore your roof to its original strength at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, call our experts for your roof evaluation. Our team will conduct a complete inspection of your roof system and discuss feasible roof restoration options for every budget. Our experienced roofing experts will install your roofing material thoroughly and precisely to ensure complete adhesion and coverage for unbeatable durability. Contact our experts now at (682) 803-0202 to learn more about the benefits of roof restoration or foam roofing in Fort Worth, TX.