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When you need roofing services around Fort Worth, TX, our roofers are ready to help. We offer extensive roof installation, roof repair, and roof restoration services for every type of roofing system, and specialize in foam roofing and roof coatings. Our certified experts perform in-depth inspections of your roofing system to offer you realistic, viable solutions to not only return your roof to its original condition but provide extended water and UV protection as well as extending the life of your roof. For your roof coating restoration or foam roof in Fort Worth, TX, call our roofers first at (682) 730-8430.

Spray Foam Roofs

Foam Roofing

Our experienced experts specialize in innovative roofing that offers unyielding protection at a great price.

This type of roofing system is quickly growing in popularity due to its outstanding water and weather protection, as well as its ENERGY STAR certification for being energy efficient. Professional application is typically required due to its dual hose composition directly at the application site. This system completely seals seams, flashing, chimneys, and wall meeting points, and will provide a smooth, uniform appearance to your roof. Then a top coat will be applied for ultimate protection and resistance to water, ponding, weather, and UV rays. These systems are extremely durable but may need repairs from cracks or divots occasionally. When this happens, our experienced professionals can quickly repair your foam roof system by reapplying the foam composition and top coat which completely restores its durability.

Restorative Coatings

When your roof is beginning to show signs of wear or damage from years of being exposed to weather, a roof coating could be a good alternative to roof replacement. These coatings are constructed from multiple formulas that protect against water, flat roof shrinkage, and UV rays. These coatings can also completely seal separation caused by expansion and contraction in the seams, flashing, and chimneys, and are ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency. Some types of coatings can even be tinted for the ultimate unique look for your roofing system. Recoats and repairs are easily made with reapplication and can cost a fraction of a roof replacement.

When your roof is beginning to lose its strength and durability, consider roof restoration or foam roofs as an alternative to roof replacement. Our professionals can work with you to help you decide on the ideal option for your roof. For more information about restorative coatings or foam roofs in Fort Worth, TX, call our expert roofers at (682) 730-8430.