5 Advantages of Roof Coatings for Foam Roofs

To keep your foam roof lasting as long as possible, roof coatings help to provide an extra layer of protection. Here are some benefits of roof coatings and why they work so well with foam roofs.

A Roof Coating Is A Great Way To Extend Your Foam Roof’s Life


Since roof coatings are liquid, they can be applied directly over roofing systems, and can continue to be reapplied on top of each layer of coating whenever you get a new coating, which is recommended every 10 years.


Since roof coatings are a liquid, that means it is seamless when dried, leaving no space for cracks or holes. This makes it to where it can withstand hail, UV rays, and wind. They are also waterproof.

Energy Efficient

Roof coatings are highly reflective, which means they are great at blocking the sun’s powerful and harmful UV rays from penetrating and damaging the foam roof. Since the coating reflects the sun, it also cools the building, lowering energy bills.

Low Maintenance

Since the coating is applied directly on top of the already-installed roof, there is no re-installation or repairs needed from tearing up the roof. Simply slather on the roof coating, let it dry, and it begins its work.

Low Cost

Because roof coatings are so much cheaper than an entire roofing system (one bucket of coating costs $100 while a whole roof replacement costs $1700), it is easy and cheap to re-apply coatings when the time comes every decade.

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